I've just sort of been poking around my profile, adding this and that. I'm writing this to establish who I am I suppose. It's taken me many years to finally enter the world of digital art and animation, both 2D and 3D, but I've been learning and laboring, and hope to finally submit...SOMEthing to Newgrounds in the near future. That might be this year or the next, who can say? Only myself and a bit of Time, really. I've perused this site for years, since the Pico's School days, and always marveled at the artists and animators this site has harbored. I've always seen this place as purely entertainment. It's only been my recent projects in Game and Graphic Design that have made me rethink my role on this site. Oddly enough, I have more 3D animation skills now than 2D, and it's really quite pathetic how slow and underdeveloped I am in both. For the age I am, and the length of time I've spent involved in the fields of Art and Design, I should have contributed so much more. I have a lot of catching up to do, and mountains of ideas. I hope to share with this community all of that. Until that time, I'll continue to be inspired by the active members here.